Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Confidence is what makes a girl sexy! You don't have to be the most gorgeous girl in the room, all that matters is that you believe you are. And you will attract those that agree with you.

This Valentine's Day has me thinking about all the love in the world, but none is more important than the love for yourself. This year, you should give yourself chocolate and roses for just being you, the most sexy confident version of you!

I treat myself everyday with little mental "love me notes" just to thrill my inner vixen. Maybe something a little naughty, like a thought about where I would love to "have" my husband. It's my flirty little secret that is boosting my confidence everyday. Try this and see what happens!

Booty Parlor Parties is featuring the new "How to Love Like a Hot Chick" book for Valentine's Day this year, and it's full of great tips to spice up your mojo. Check it out at and shop discreetly for some fun treats for yourself this February.

Our products have been featured on the Today Show and February 13th on the Tyra Banks Show! The Turn Me on Vibrating Panties will be shown as a sexy bedroom accessory sure to please everyone. Lots more fun to come!

So give yourself a gift of some sexy confidence and watch what happens! Go get 'em girl!

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