Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This last week and my favorite product!

I had a great week with Booty Parlor Parties, over $1800 in sales from 3 parties. And everyone loved all our products! We have some awesome Valentine's Day gifts including LoveKits available online at www.bootyparlorparties.com/valerie.

My favorite product from Booty Parlor has to be the Flirty Little Secret Luminizing Body Butter.

It’s an emollient-rich butter and it’s luxuriously creamy to the touch… It melts effortlessly into your skin and blends to a beautiful, supple, naturally glowing finish. Plus… it turns you into a man magnet!! The butter is delicately scented with notes of sumptuous blackberry, honey and vanilla… it’s light, fresh and sexy all at once. But of course, the most important ingredient in the butter is our sexy secret weapon, our special Pheromone! Pheromones are an attraction agent that subtly inspires self-confidence, flirtation, and attention from the opposite sex—like I said, they turn you into a man magnet!
What about that doesn't just scream sexy confidence? Love it!
February is sure to bring so many exciting things from Booty Parlor Parties, and I am so excited to share them here. Also looking forward to sharing more sexy confidence building ideas for you!

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In My Head Studios said...

I actually really like the Body Butter. Feels nice and smells GREAT!